Le Cabinet de Curiosités Thomas Erber with Kitsune

Today is your last day to step inside Le Cabinet de Curiosités of Thomas Erber. Hosted by Maison Kitsuné this curated pop-up shop is brimming with designer exclusives created especially for this project.


Thomas Erber travels the world and scouts out these disruptive brands, collecting and curating his findings into a one-of-a-kind shopping installation, now in its third edition here in NYC. Redefining luxury and taking artisan markets to the next level, Le Cabinet de Curiosités of Thomas Erber is only in New York until the December 23rd at its brick and mortar location but you will be able to shop the collection online at Kitsune until January 31st.

Discover your new favorite curiositiess and find a truly unique gifts for a holiday season to remember.

cabinet-de-curiosite-thomas erber-kitsune-1

cabinet-de-curiosite-thomas erber-kitsune-3

cabinet-de-curiosite-thomas erber-kitsune-5


cabinet-de-curiosite-thomas erber-kitsune-2

cabinet-de-curiosite-thomas erber-kitsune-4

cabinet-de-curiosite-thomas erber-kitsune-8

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Visit Le Cabinet de Curiosite Thomas Erber Hosted by Kitsune at The Avant/Garde Diaries Project Space

372 Broome Street

For more info visit
Le Cabinet de Curiosités of Thomas Erber
Maison Kitsuné

Photography by Diggy Lloyd and Elise Gallant