LCD Soundsystem : Dance Yrself Clean

LCD Soundsytem’s latest and possibly last album is due out for release on May 18th by DFA Records, even though the album was announced to have been finished on Feb. 23rd.  The band recorded the album in a mansion that had a recording studio in it in the Hollywood hills because the band’s leader, James Murphy, likes to be completely immersed in the album creation process with as little distractions as possible.  To be honest, his dedication and concentration has payed off.

The album’s opening track, Dance Yrself Clean, starts off slowly with a simple percussion section and Murphy singing over with a few interludes of synthesizer chiming in.  This goes on long enough to make you think that all 8 minutes of the track are going to go on being mellow and subdued but right at the perfect time, the beat drops and Murphy starts singing like he means it.  The song, like so many LCD songs, keeps the original beat from the beginning of the song throughout and he just adds and takes away layers and allows the song to build upon itself making an epic tune.  Enjoy!

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      1. 01 Dance Yrself Clean

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