Latest Super Good Things

Proponent of sleek and minimalist design, Good Thing gathers seven sophisticated products for its new collection. The aim was giving a better looking aspect to everyday life objects, often solely considered for their functional side.

Jamie Wolfond, founder and creative director of Good Thing since 2014, was recently awarded by Forbes Magazine in ’top 30 under 30, Art & Style’ category. Super good!

Christopher Specce uses metal forming process for his decorative hangable ‘Richman’ dustpans and his ‘Frank’ change trays, also reminiscent of hot dog trays.

Refined ‘Gully’ incense holder by Phil Procter is made of milled aluminium and devised by computer-guided machining.

‘Seed’ hooks and shelves by Kenyon Yeh are colorful wall accessories with curved angles, suggesting a new wall composition by mixing these elements together.

Out battery operated and Dynamo torch, Sylvain Willenz’s ‘Signal’ flashlight, rechargeable by USB port, runs with an ultra-bright LED.

The double walled ‘Twin’ carafes designed by Studio Gorm offers the possibility of brewing coffee or tea without burning hands with hot beverage inside.

Photography by Charlie Schuck
Styling by Natasha Felker

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