Last Defender by Piet Boon

We love Piet Boon and we love Land Rover so when the two make a collaboration you can be sure it will be something different! 68 years after its first introduction in 1948, Land Rover stopped building its 4×4 Defender model at its Solihull factory in January earlier this year and thus took leave of an icon. To commemorate the special moment and build a bridge to the future Defender, the exclusive car brand gave Piet Boon the unique honor to aesthetically design one of the last models of the iconic Defender. The result, a contemporary interpretation of the iconic model; Last Defender by Piet Boon.


The special collaboration between Land Rover and Studio Piet Boon dates back to 2006. Since then Piet Boon has designed numerous extraordinary ‘one of’ editions, including two Defenders. Inspired by “Tin Tin in the Congo”, -the second volume of The Adventures of TinTin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Herge?- Piet Boon brought the vehicle back to her authentic aluminum state as a tribute to the iconic Defender. The vehicle was completely stripped of all its unnatural materials and differentiates itself amongst others by her Pure Aluminum coating, brown canvas soft top and stainless steel detailing.


Piet Boon:

“The Defender is a fantastic car. Timeless and a true icon. To be asked to provide one of the last models with an aesthetic design is an incredible honor. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Our design for The Last Defender honors the original design and celebrates the history of the extraordinary model.”


The bodywork was not the only part of the Last Defender that was coated in Pure Aluminum, both the characteristic door- and hood hinges were provided with the same color, whereby the gloss black ‘sawtooth’ rims create a subtle contrast. This is accentuated by stainless steel details such as the headlight units, air intakes and the grill.





Director Jaguar Land Rover Benelux, Marc Bienemann:

“The Defender has in its almost 68 years of existence, proven to be a timeless car and to be- and remain relevant under changing circumstances. This is precisely why we chose Piet to pay a tribute to the Defender.”




Piet Boon chose to color the canvas roof construction brown with brown leather straps. The bronze “Last Defender” badge that adorns the vehicles tailgate refers to Piet Boon’s very special project.


The combination of Pure Aluminum of the bodywork and color brown of the roof was elegantly extended to the interior. Whereby the front seats, ‘cubby box’ and the inner side of the doors were covered in exactly the same color leather as the exterior of the vehicle. The Last Defender by Piet Boon is an unique “one of”.


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