Lane Marinho Gorgeous Handmade Shoes & Accessories From Brazil

Sao Paulo based shoemaker Lane Marinho masters juggling with natural materials. After working several years for big shoe companies in Brazil, she decided to create her own label named after her. She has been early bathed in handmade work and has thus acquired a substantial knowledge in fabric and hand sewing.

She soaks up from the mix between garden paradises hidden inside modern architecture of Sao Paulo. Inspired by Matisse paintings and Sonia Delaunay patchwork compositions, her up-to-date and accurate color harmonies appears through yeasty still life pictures shot by Henrique Gendre.

With a preference for fabric instead of leather, she embed natural gems for embroideries like sea-shells and local natural stones. All the pairs of sandals are cut, sewed and hand-painted by the designer herself, which translate the uniqueness of each very small production.

Photography by Henrique Gendre