Lamborghini Wall Art


Richard Moriarty bought this 1974 Lamborghini Countach 10 years ago. Now, sick and tired of having it towed due to stalled engine, he decided to hang it on his wall as art. The Skylight has been designed to fit The Lamborghini and it took less than an hour to bring it into the house. An original idea from architect Fleetwood Joiner

Because Home Depot doesn’t sell kits to hang cars as artwork, Moriarty hired a 70-ton crane to lower the Italian sports car through a skylight in his living room. … Moriarty bought the car 10 years ago, paying a collector $60,000. But the upkeep was a nightmare. The gas tank had rust damage, and the engine kept stalling. “I got tired of having it towed,” he said. … Then a five-man crew maneuvered the 1,000-pound, engineless vehicle through the skylight and hung it from a steel-reinforced wall with loops of half-inch-thick steel cable. “It’s a beautiful piece of art,” Joiner said. But Moriarty, in flip-flops, shorts and a T-shirt, wasn’t quite satisfied. “I want to stencil some tire marks on the wall,” he said. “Seriously.”





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