La Femme : Sur La Planche

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      1. Sur La Plache

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For all of you who have not yet been blessed by La Femme and their amazing lo-fi surf-rock goodness, I give you “Sur La Planche”. The Paris/ Biarritz based unsigned quintet shows they are something special with this track that very much exemplifies surfer vibe in a fresh new way. They have been compared to the Drums but in my opinion I don’t think that does them the justice they deserve. There has been discussion of whether or not they surf themselves and I myself, being that I am a surfer, would like to think they do. Regardless the lyrics are filled with amazing surfing imagery along the lines of “On a surf board / on the beach, on the wave, I’m searching for sensations / on a surfboard, in the tubes, I’m searching for sensations / you better not try and stop me from riding that waves”(love it!) and their uptempo provocative sound is pure danceable fun! I have to praise my fellow writer here at Trendland the amazing Joelle Tessa for helping this track find its way into my music library. Shout out to you Jo! Now, without further ado turn up the volume and get into the surfer groove!