Kyogi You Were Honest Remix

Kyogi : Your Were (Honest Remix)

Today’s music feature includes the likes of two noteworthy artists. The track at the forefront is “You Were” by the teenage UK based beat conniseur Kyogi.

      1. Kyogi - You Were (Honest Remix) - Honest
      2. Kyogi - You Were - Kyogi


In addition, I’ve included a remix by Tempe, Arizona’s own, Honest, that pumps even more energy into the already hooky original. Both have similar and yet different style and approach to the tune. Yes, the tracks do date back to 2012 and no, I do not hold myself to the music blog sphere standard of sticking to only that new new.  Also, be sure to check out an original work from Honest entitled “None Such”.


      3. Honest - None Such - Honest