Kylie Minogue’s Surrealist Makeover

KyliePop_Art_06The innovative team behind Chandelier Creative agency teamed up with graphic designers Mat Maitland and Hattie Stewart making a fierce and cheeky pop art collection of Kylie Minogue’s tour “Kiss Me Once”.Acting as an inflected experience of the tour which started in September in the UK, Chandelier together with the graphic designers co-operated with animation designer Paul Plowman, Reilly, Yoko Pium and Andrea Mary Marshall to make the tour book. The works have all the artists signature touch, and will accompany Minogue’s hits on the scene as stage sets. The collection shows the creative potentiality of what happens when so distinct artists come together.




KyliePop_Art_1 KyliePop_Art_02 KyliePop_Art_03 KyliePop_Art_04   KyliePop_Art_07 KyliePop_Art_08 Written by Kari Sundli To see more visit