Ksubi Pop-Up Store – The Bombed Marche

The Bombed Marche on High St. Armadale was where the retail idea all began. The store which is constructed entirely out of refuse and disposable materials is designed to reject accepted retail norms and to comment on the impermanence of interior retail design.

The store, created by Ksubi in association with Herbert & Mason architects, leads the way in social and economical design by focusing on salvage and “mash” culture to produce an aesthetic the team call “homeless chic”.

LEST WE REGRET features 120 glass jars, suspended from the ceiling with wire, containing shredded Quarterly Economic Activity Survey’s from Australian Bureau of statistics. An acknowledgment of the tough economic climate yet a call to arms to advance without regret in pursuit of joy, freedom, ecstasy, laughter and glorious imperfection. “We are easily bored, here at Ksubi. The idea of opening a pop up shop is a great way to cure the boredom. It’s exciting building them and before you can get sick of it …pffffft! It’s gone. says Dan Single

Via Diane Pernet & Sportswear Intl