kropka gdynia

Kropka Snack bar in Poland

Although we adore exuberant spaces, we see the best of the interior design capabilities when we put them to test in a project of a small space, and in this case, a space with 110 sq ft. Kropka, in Gdynia (Poland), is known for its toasted baguettes (the Polish zapiekanki) and pastries, but also for its cozy and constantly changing space.

As a way to maximize the potential of the metric limitations given by the preexistent space, PB/Studio and Filip Kozarski developed the project in which the walls are not made my brick and stone, but by peg boards. Even though normally we find this surface in workshop spaces, the peg board is a great tool for both decoration and organization of items in the space.

Kropka is a very put together place, where the interior design helped to create a multi-faceted space, but also where the graphic design is clean and polish and enhances the concept of the café.

Written by Ana Rita Ramos

kropka snackbar poland

kropka snackbar poland

kropka snackbar poland

Kropka Tiny Bar in Poland

Design and Photography by PB/Studio