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The Height of Digital Décor

From smart phones to television, screens have bridged the gap between designers and users, products and consumers, and now, finally, between artists and art lovers.

Launched last year,  KLIO is an interactive device and platform that brings motion-rich digital art to life in the home or office. KLIO offers a nontraditional experience of art in a seemingly traditional presentation.


KLIO hangs on the wall and can be given a unique touch through a premium collection of handcrafted frames, bringing digital art which was until recently only available  online and in galleries, into the livable space.

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There isn’t an agreed-upon definition of what digital is or isn’t—which is why it’s so exciting. Klio is bringing art lovers and artists together to create and enjoy the new art forms of tomorrow.

Users can choose from the widest selection of digital art currently available including novel art forms such as Morph Art, which varies in states evoking an ever-changing perspective; Chrono Art, which transforms continuously over a set period of time; and Clock Art, which uses various visual techniques to convey what time it is.

The KLIO device comes equipped with over 300 contemporary works of art by cutting-edge artists from around the world. Every month, KLIO adds more art to the collection to keep it fresh at no additional cost.

Benjamin Buckley Exclusive Collaboration

This June, KLIO redefined the industry once more by partnering with U.K. based digital artist Benjamin Buckley and animator Alberto Glia to create a digital art series which they coined as episodic art.”

ben buckley video

Released over the period of 21 days, KLIO users tuned in to view each episode live once Buckley uploaded his work-in-progress for the day. For those who don’t yet own a KLIO, the episodes are available on KLIO’s website. Each of these incomplete artworks function as a standalone while simultaneously moving toward a finished digital art piece titled “Food Stall”. The final image, a composite of every episode, depicts a Japanese dumpling food stand both lit and shadowed by a nearby fire. Buckley’s image is brought to life by Glia’s animation of the wind moving through the stand’s banners and the nearby billowing smoke.




Functioning much like a story, the purpose of the “Food Stall” series is to showcase art as an ongoing creative process rather than a static end product. The project invites viewers into the entire process, showcasing the thought, labor, and sparks of creativity that embody the entire piece. Buckley’s work is often interested in representing Asian vistas with modern iconographies, which speaks true to Buckley’s work for the “Food Stall” project.

day concept

Usually presented in the form of exclusive prints, Benjamin Buckley’s work featured on KLIO takes on a vastly different medium to explore a more organic and intimate experience of the journey that an artist undertakes.

KLIO expands the way art aficionados and artists alike view, define, and enjoy digital artwork. As Nasos Topakas, CTO of Art.com, said,

“We didn’t just bring existing art to KLIO in digitized form. We set out to solve the problem of how to deliver a meaningful digital décor experience that can showcase newly pioneered art genres.”

The “Food Stall” series is exemplary of KLIO’s dedication to bringing a new experience of digital art to the forefront, pushing the boundaries of digital art and what is deemed possible within the art industry. This is digital décor at its finest.