King’s Sister Remembers her Brother in her Memoir “Through It All,”

MLK JR. and wife CorettaMLK jr. sister; Christine King

Today I read on CNN that Christine King Farris, sister to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and lone survivor of the family has announced that she is writing a memoir about her life with him called, “Through It All.” A formal and reserved woman, at 80 years old, Farris has spent the past year delving into her ugliest memories to share the human side of

“It’s been a real challenge,” she says. “I’ve had to relive those moments. Sometimes it affects me more than others. I try to live with it.”

She says it’s important for her to push past those painful memories because she wants to humanize her younger brother. Everyone has heard about King, the civil rights icon. She wants to strip away those platitudes to reveal the playful brother she knew.

When her brother was thrust to the forefront of the civil rights movement, both were aware of the danger to him. But they never talked about it. “When you are a part of it, you don’t really take the time to sit down and think,” she says. “It didn’t really bother us too much. We were conscious that it could happen, but it didn’t occupy front space so to speak.”

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