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Kindness : World Restart (feat Kelela & Ade)

      1. Kindness - World Restart feat Kelela & Ade

We got it bad for this new track from Kindness – featuring the-funk-you-want, synth-you-need, mischief-enabling result of at-it-again, British solo, Adam Bainbridge.


Wild for Kindness since 2012, thanks to favorites from his first (think Gee Up), and the sprinkles-on-top, killer collaborations with Blood Orange and Grizzly Bear – our ears are all but apprehensive about World Restart, the clear standout track off his around-the-bend second album, ‘Otherness.’


Ballistic for texture, and a genius of groove, Kindness marries all genres but a few in one tropical go. World Restart then, well and warmly welcomes itself as a breezy and bell-bottomed, complex and cool concoction, that leaves only when we’re sound-fixed, disco-dipped, and ready to restart.


‘Otherness’ will be yours October 13th in the UK and abound & October 14th in the U.S.A. via Female Energy, featuring tracks from M.anifest, Kelela, and Devonte Hynes & Tawiah.


For more, and for now, check out Kindness’ still-on-one remix of Röyksopp & Robyn’s track, Monument, released just yesterday.

Written by Danielle Cohen