Kimiko Yoshida Art-Photography

Kimiko Yoshida is a French/Japanese Artist Photographer – Her style reminds me a lot of Oleg Dou – For the past 7 years, she created series of Self-portrait where she disguises herself as a bride from different culture  – Kimiko said :

kimiko_yoshida-9 kimiko_yoshida-10

kimiko_yoshida-11 kimiko_yoshida-5

‘My self-portrait is a still life. I disappear into the background. There is no search for identity in my work. I know that identity doesn’t exist. There are only infinite layers of me. If I peel them back, like the skin of an onion, there will be nothing underneath’ . Browse her Collection here she have more than 150 AMAZING self portrait shots.


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Our friend, Maude Michali of Michali Fine Art, is presenting the exhibition at Art Basel Miami until December 28, 2008.