Kay Kwok’s ‘Fake Eternity’ Collection

Hong Kong designer Kay Kwok shines a new light on menswear this year with his 2012 collection ‘Fake Eternity’. The collection presents a new perspective in Ancient Egyptian Culture. Kwok combined three main concepts in order to inspire the prints for this collection. The relationship of the sphinx and sunlight, chemical reactions of mummies bodies and their relationship to constellations, specifically lunar and solar eclipses.

The prints play a big role in this collection, and it is Kwok’s first attempt for a printed collection. The digital prints generate spray paint patterns, bold starburst zig-zags, color gradients and tie dye like effects. Kwok aims to combine digital printing with classic menswear tailoring.

Kwok’s unique concepts and designs for ‘Fake Eternity’ has landed him a nomination for the Collection of The Year Award 2012. This is not the first nomination the designer has received. He won the Hong Kong Design Talent Award upon graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2009, and was nominated for the Top 15 Asian Fashion Designers (in the student category) by WGSN.



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