Kate Fichard’s Totem de Vie

What do you guys think of Kate Fichard’s Totem de Vie series? In this cool collection of images, Fichard manages to mask the true identity of her subjects with a collection of found goods, ranging from kitchen pots and pans to garden tools and creepy dolls.  Each figure takes on mythical role in the midst of relating to its relics. 

More information at www.katefichard.com

Kate Fichard PHOTOGRAPHY totem de vie
Amanda Jakubik

Year Born: 1987
Location: NYC // How many hours a day are you on the web? 5
Last cool project you worked on: Taste tasting
Coolest person you know personally: Moe Money
Best place to eat in your neighborhood: The Breslin
Top 3 Places: Rome, Lake Washington, My apartment
Best hotel/place you visited last year: Definitely South Beach with the homies
Next destination: Jamaica
Generation favorite: Coachella

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