Kashiyama Daikanyama Concept Store [Tokyo]

Japan is country that constantly innovates and searches for new ways of relating to life – through meditation, gastronomy or shopping. One of the great cities in the world and host to 2020 Olympic Games, Tokyo has plenty of architecture and design gems to entice the visitor. Designed for clothing company “Onward”, by Nendo House, a brand active in social and environmental projects, that has been consistently supporting the fields of culture and sports in Japan.

Kashiyama Daikanyama Concept Store, in Tokyo’s Daikanyama neighbourhood, split into bespoke markets, cafes and restaurant. A café on the basement floor connects to the ground level where a gallery and lounge area can be used for events and exhibitions. The second and third floors are dedicated to fashion and interior accessories and a restaurant on the fourth floor for 65 guests that leads to a small bar located on the highest level of the building.

The building’s property originally enabled the build of a bigger structure, however, it was a conscious decision to keep the building in a smaller scale to better blend with the landscape of the neighborhood around it.

The interior of the complex was designed to emphasize the structure’s external characteristics and the overall concept of the project. This was done with the mix of materials and subtle transitions of colors and textures to separate or relate between different utility areas in the overlapping sections of the boxes.

Manipulations of materials and textures such as this are used across all spaces; the ground floor is covered with herringbone terrazzo flooring while the second floor with a fabric-textured cement. The marble on the third floor is printed with stone texture and glass is conversely printed with marble patterns.

A place where fashion, food, design and art come together to stimulate your five senses.

Photography by Takumi Ota