Karl Lagerfeld photographs Cassina

Fashion designers are often good at many different things like designing, styling, draping, sewing, and illustrating, but perhaps one of the most important things that must be learned is the ability to create a visual balance. Perhaps it is for this latter known quality that Italian based furniture company Cassina has chosen Karl Lagerfeld to photograph their iconic collection of utilitarian and classic chair designs. Or perhaps it is because they fuse traditional craftsmanship with technological skills, just as KL does in his garments. In any case these photos are an intimate portrayal of balance, as well as KL’s first attempt at photographing furniture for a brand. This proves that there is nothing his sharp mind of endless talent cannot do. Combining talents, skills and ideas of designers, architects and artists is one reason why Cassina is at the forefront of design.

“As I enter the room I have less than a second to find graphic composition. Making the object stand out, both mysterious and unusual whilst remaining a piece of furniture.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Watch the backstage video here: