Karl Lagerfeld for Les 3 Suisses

Being French and growing up reading trough this famous French mail-order catalog: Les 3 Suisses, you can imagine that it is a funny news to me, reading that Chanel and Fendi Creative Director, Karl Lagerfeld shot some pages for this mass business catalog (prices range from $18 to $220.)! From luxury to mass market, the Kaiser wants everything…

Not that this editorial is amazing (far from it), he still pick top model Iris Strubegger to add some value to the smallest prices clothes (and production) he had to shoot in his entire “Fashion photographer life”.

“Being at both ends of the market is the height of luxury,” Lagerfeld told WWD. “My dream is to turn the whole house of Lagerfeld into this kind of [mass] business.

images via WWD