Kanye “Portrait of Power”: The Artist’s Cut

Some of you may have already seen Kanye’s “Portrait of Power” video, which was released last night on MTV, but I’m pretty sure this (uncensored) version will be new to almost all of you, (I found it here in a little leak that leads to a video uploaded on Vimeo less that an hour ago) Here is the artists’ cut ~ some little changes in the video and a little bit of nudity for y’all.

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For those of you who do not already know, this video, or as Kanye refers to it “painting”, was directed by Marco Brambilla. Kanye was originally introduced and immediately fascinated by his video installation in the elevator or the Standard Hotel-NYC, and if you have every experienced it, you would see a direct source for inspiration for “Portrait of Power”. Take a minute and read the interviews Cool Hunting and NY Mag did with Brambilla, to understand a little bit more about the concept and process.

Thanks to The88 for the tip !