Justin Timberlake New Song

Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z: Suit & Tie

Justin Timberlake New Song

Justin Timberlake hasn’t released an album since 2006 – but his first release off this newest album The 20/20 Experience gives us a blissful teaser of what’s to come. “Suit & Tie” has got some serious swag, while simultaneously keeping your attention with cheeky lyrics, a looping mix-and-match beat, and of course – a Jay-Z cameo…

      1. Suit & Tie feat. Jay - Z


Oh yeah, and don’t forget Timberland – the mastermind producer behind the scenes. The single is basically a melting pot of Grammy award winners each infusing their own elements into the debut track. It’s not quite as risky as previous hits like “Sexy Back” or “My Love”, but JT shows us his charm and flirt in a whole new manner. It’s got a beat that’s dance-y and bubbly, and the lyrics are more of a serenade to someone special. This is a song for toasting and will no doubt be the wedding anthem of the year.


Written by Dana Kelly