Jungle : The Realest Of The Real

It’s a rare feat when a musical act can find the perfect unity between sound and motion picture, just like a prosperous marriage creating a bond that empowers and complements both parts independently simultaneously creating a union that is much stronger and lasting much longer than would be possible alone.  Uk based Jungle do just that and have done so consistently with a particular ease and grace about them that is revealing of a genuine dedication to crafting perfection beyond any impulse for fame or notoriety.


The video for their latest single  “Time” which was directed and conceptualized by one-half of the Jungle’s core components, J, and director Oliver Hadlee Pearch who has worked on their previous videos as well, is really all you need to appreciate and understand the magic that makes Jungle who they are. From start to end it never loses momentum, and without any massively produced spectacles simply just sticking to the basics as their music does, they keep us inspired and intrigued.



Jungle Press Photo credit Dan Wilton


Jungle’s eponymous album is to be release July 14th via XL Recordings. Check out the teaser below for what will surely be one of the most noteworthy albums of the year from one of the most promising bands for years to come.