Juls Fashion Illustrations


Juls aka J*WLS ( or Julie Bouiguerourene ) is a pretty sick French Illustrator. Living and working in Paris as a freelance illustrator, her work is full of freshness and energy, illustrating well the world of fashion and Street culture of today. During her world tour between Paris, Seattle, London and Tokyo she works with publications such as Wad or Elle Girl Japan.






Born and raised in rainy-but-heart-warming-Lille, I studied foreign languages before moving on to Seattle where I got familiar with the wonderful world of computerised design though 3D modelling/animation & video.
Back in France in 2002 I had career opportunities in the world of marketing and communication but soon felt incomplete enough to take the risk of going freelance as a graphic designer/illustrator. My beginnings as a full time freelancer in Lille were marked by a few encouraging exhibitions, magazines and brands thirst for illustrations (WAD, MEX magazine, Gallery IS, The String Republic…).
Galvanised & in love, I went for another round around the globe, part time London then full time Tokyo. Little luck and efforts later, I collected worldwide opportunities (BeStreet magazine- Pat Says Now – Artcotic…) and thrown a few anchors in Japan (3rdWare, Tycoon Graphics/DJ Hico, ELLE Girl Japan). My passage in Tokyo was noticed by HK-based publishing house Viction:ary, that featured my works in a recent book spotting Asian upcoming talents : “Point East”. I also matured a screen print project with my partner Fleche, GLAMARCHY, a hand-printed T-shirt collection, distributed in Tokyo and in France.
I’m now living & free-lancing in Paris.