julie Verhoeven Illustrations

London based fashion designer and illustrator Julie Verhoeven studied fashion where she began her career assisting John Galliano before working in the fashion industry as a designer, illustrator, creative director and tutor. Julie went on to collaborate with global brands including, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Mulberry and H&M.

She also her own fashion label, Gibo by Julie Verhoeven. Verhoeven has exhibited internationally since 2003, including solo shows at MU, Eindhoven, ZINGERpresents, Amsterdam, and Vera Gliem, Cologne with the publication of 3 books dedicated to her work, ‘A Bit of Rough’, ‘Fat- Bottomed Girls’ and ‘Julie Verhoeven, Gas Book 13’.

She is represented by CLM – View more of her work at www.julieverhoeven.com