Judith Berry’s Repetitive and Disruptive Representation of the World

The artist Judith Berry vision of the world on a different scale is somewhat disruptive for the eye. In her oil on wood panel latest series called “The lives we’re making”, she paints what she herself calls landscapes.

Green and hearty tones serve as a landmark for the eyes and the repetitive patterns of her art also pleases the eye. There is something ludic and realistic in the artist’s abstract top vision of a different scale world. A mix of normal and abnormal geometric shapes with a sense of déjà vu industrial scenes. The patterns and repetitive movements refer to the complexity of the mind and shortcut it takes while reading the canvas. The imperfection of painting by hand contrast with the very organized industrial theme in her work.

Paintings can be seen at gallery Art Mur in Montreal.
Written for Trendland by Marie-Michele Larivee