Jhameel: The Human Condition

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It’s never to soon to miss legends that have passed. That’s why Jhameel is carrying on the breathing, ad-lib and raspier vocal styles of the late legend, Micheal Jackson, Don’t get me wrong, he’s got a voice of his own and a world to say. Despite his pop sensibilities, he’s no pop prince. His alternative approach is attached to a deeper, bass-ridden side lifted by his orchestral use of happy horns, and a snappy e-guitar, even further decorated by a layer of energetic and high-pitched background vocals lurking on his every verse. His personal layers will equally hold your attention.

Firstly, Jhameel is fluent in not only music, but also Arabic, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and English. Before getting a a Bachelor’s in Arabic from UC Berkley–in only 2 years–the guy completed his own ‘about-face’ from joining the military (for moral reasons surrounding America’s presence in the Middle East). Listen with little effort, and you can hear in his music the themes of war, humanity and the “fruits of woe and pleasure sharing,” as he calls it. Not the lightest of topics. Yet, his upbeat sound could fool any passive listener into simply jamming out. Jhameel names Phoenix and Jonsi as two musical influences, but I can feel a bit of the lovable Yeasayer up in there too.

After releasing his self-titled album in 2009, Jhameel’s shared more of himself in The Human Condition LP (2011), also the title of this single. Enjoy, folks!