Jessy Bulbo: Permanentemente

Listen to “Permanentemente” Here

      1. Permanentemente

Miss Jessy Bulbo comes from Mexico with a Latin electronic rock that could bypass any border control. In the midst of transcending a sometimes bilateral music scene–American and foreign music–she uses her charismatic and almost haunting singing and presence, which can be heard in our daily song, “Permanentemente.” Her voice shadowed by a darker-toned whisper comes also with a great use of the awesomely childish xylophone.

From what I can tell, the girl’s got spunk, lending herself well to the garage band act. Once a member of the few Latin girl bands out there known as Las Ultrasonicas, and is now signed under the Nuevos Ricos Label. The group includes Jessy Vangelis, Galaxis Steamroller, rAaron Tomita, Damián Wollenweider, and René Michel Jarre. These folks translate noisy rhythms to tender melodies with great success and have caused controversy on the Mexican scene, mixing it up with their mere appearance. This song here’s on their 3rd released production, Telememe, and is on the verge of circus mariachi at times (listen to: La Cruda Moral)–how absolutely fantastic! Viva la Mexico!