Jeff Koons : Popeye Sculpture

No need for introduction, this is Jeff Koons‘ third solo exhibition in France to be held at the Gallery de Noirmont. The New Yorker artist is presenting different works on the theme of the cartoon Popeye. On one hand Popeye is for J.Koons a symbol of self-acceptance, of optimism and on the other hand it represents the connection between Pop Art and Surrealism.

As a pioneer, Koons constantly redefines the function of art in society, to open it to a wider audience. By using very popular and contemporary iconography, Jeff Koons wants to go beyond the segregationist aspect of art and consider it not as a pedagogical or dogmatic discourse, but as a mode of action, half way between tradition and novelty.
© Rodolphe Nantas and © Jeff Koons. Courtesy Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont, Paris.
September to 20 November 2010
Gallerie Jerôme de Noirmont
38 Avenue Matignon
75008  Paris