james blake retrograde

James Blake: Retrograde

james blake retrograde

James Blake is back in 2013 with his new single “Retrograde”.

      1. Retrograde


If you’re not familiar with James Blake, he’s a London based artist whose music falls somewhere between electro, post-dubstep, and R&B. Soulful vocals mixed with a climatic heavy bass and intimate lyrics have proven Blakes’ continued evolution as an artist. “Retrograde” is the first single off his upcoming album Overgrown, which will be released in early April. The vocals on this track are front and center – compared to his past hits which were more synth-dub driven. The piano floats flawlessly behind his vocals, exposing Blakes’ bare and emotional lyrics – usually a side we don’t see too much of. If this is just the first taste of his new material, we can only expect the full length album to be even more amazing.

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Written By Dana Kelly