Jack in the Box by 45Kilo

‘Taking a closer look at this may result in a passive or an active design’. Jack in the Box by 45Kilo is a tool-furniture, it allows you to create flexible and structured working conditions. It can be a lighting object, something to load mobile phones or both. Jack in the box gives all your electric devices what they need most. Jack in the box is made of powder-coated steel in various colors, beech wood and 15 sockets.

Desktop working spaces include a lot of technology that is usually powered by cables. We wanted to create something around this because we like to work so much.

Either you don’t care about how it looks and you stay flexible to any changes because it’s chaotic anyway. Or you may get pedantic and put everything in channels to hide it all, but then you would not dare to change your configuration or to put your charger in a socket.

Jack in the box is something in-between, it allows you to create a flexible, chaotic yet structured working area. As accessory there are these bulbs that you may plug.

More information at www.45kilo.com

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