Interviewing Corey Smith – “Often imitated but never duplicated”

Satan is Waitin'

Painter, sculptor, photographer Corey Smith brings to our attention the faults and irony of the world. Showcasing real subject matters such as local and international concerns alike, society and humanity, in a most humorous and witty way.

In three lines, tell me some words of yours or someone else’s that describe your thoughts/emotions/reactions as of late [that in turn, of course, are reflected in your newest art pieces].
– I don’t worship Satan I just agree with a lot of the things he tells me.
– Drop out not bombs.
– Black Holes and Invisible Forces Bending Time Through Incremental Deformations Creating Infinite Freedom in the Garden on the Moon.

American Diet vs. Darfur Diet

California Dreams

In ten words, tell me your own definition of the word ‘artist’ as you would apply to yourself.
I’m more of an asshole than an artist, my apologies.

Too Much Remote Not Enough Control

We're Broke

In nine words, tell me of a current cultural event, local or international, that has truly grasped your attention [that in turn, of course, is reflected in your newest art pieces].
Experiments in Occultism and Parapsychology always creates interesting company.

Pink Stealth Fighter Coming to Save the World

Pink Stealth Fighter Coming to Save the World-1

Air Superiority

In eight words, describe a significant childhood memory, positive, neutral, negative, ironic, or bionic [that in turn, of course, is reflected in your newest art pieces].
I was raised in a pseudo-Christian psychic cult.

Start Your Own Religion

Perversions of Religion

Lucifer Rising (tribute to Kenneth Anger)

In seven words, describe your college experience and whether it helped you get to where you are today or not.
College was really very difficult for me.

Liar's Laughter

Satan is Waitin'-1

In six words, tell me a particular artist/artists of any sort that has/have inspired you most in some way or other in your recent works.
Kenneth Anger, Marcel Duchamp, Martin Kippenberger.

Obsolete Dreams

Obsolete Dreams-1

Obsolete Dreams-2

In five words, describe Britney Spears.
The Dope Always Feels Good.

Homogenize the Human Experience with Beta Blockers

Britney in Yosemite

In four words, describe Paris Hilton.
Rich kids getting richer.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton-1

In three words, describe the Olsen Twins.
Twin fashion goblins.

America's Obsession with Twin Zombie Child Actors

In two words, tell me one regret.
No regrets.

Corey Smith

In one word, describe your life as you know it right now.

Corey Smith is also the Art Director at COMUNE a brand which has been featured previously. In addition to his website he also has an interesting visual treat of a photo blog.

Photo credit: Mike Quinones.