Interactive Wesc Window Concept

Another great project directly coming out of the (very buzzed school) Hyper Island. This Interactive Window Concept was made for their Advanced Interface Design class. Using Aussie streetwear brand WESC, they created these interactive windows where online uses upload their video, create their background and choose in which city they want it to showcase. A great concept not too far from reality. Watch video below for better understanding.

Brief of the project:

We created a concept around and Interactive Display Window: The Worldwide Conspiracy.

All WESC Concept Stores would have these interactive windows where WESC Activists are showcased and chosen by users online all over the world. The name of the user is displayed on the lower corner of the window. Not only they choose the activist online but also create a pattern background to personalize their creation that they can showcase in any of the cities they can choose online.


That reactions of the offline users are also recorded live and are shown on a live stream on the site so you can see, on a split screen the reaction and the consequence on the video.
The Brief was to connect the brand with Music/Art and we used the best connection and resource the brand has connected to the creative industry: The WeActivists. We also wanted the brand to be perceived as global and connect the Activists more to the people.

The window contains a screen that displays these videos generated online and that turn live when users triggers them offline by walking.

Made by:
Beatriz Areilza
Gustaf Engström
Juliana Oliveira Silva
Lucas Lima
Marcus Wallander /