Inside Daniel Arsham’s Long Island Retreat With AD

No need to introduce our readers to architect, sculptor, director and scenographer, Daniel Arsham – One of the most original artists (with a lot of hype) of the current Art scene. See his latest “Paris 3020” exhibition we recently covered.

Arsham is also known for co-founding his design cabinet Snarkitecture in 2007 with artist and classmate Alex Mustonen.

He recently decided to acquire a residence designed in 1969 by the architect Norman Jaffe. The influence of Japan on Norman Jaffe’s practice had a great effect on the design of this place located in Long Island.

Admiring his work, Daniel Arsham chose to readjust it to his image and his tastes without losing the essence and the spirit carried by the walls of this house.

Snarkitecture fully designed the master bathroom, while Arsham imagined many rooms and the garden inspired by Kyoto.

Credits photos : Jason Schmidt