Innovative Textile Experiments

Throughout ‘Innovators at heart’ exhibition showcased last February in Stockholm, Bolon proves once more his sustainability with several launches. From jacquard loom experiments to wavy patterns ‘Bolon Studio Wave’, beside an exclusive flooring collection produced by French architect Jean Nouvel, which designed the striped pattern so that it could be arranged at a diagonal from a window to appear as sunlight coming through glass. In addition to two rug collections: ‘Duet’, a combination of glittery and solid fibers in midnight tones and ‘Villa La Madonna’ for those one especially designed for Bolon’s owner boutique Hotel.

Research and Development department at Bolon is benefiting from designers and textile engineers, together experts in materials. Pushing the boundaries of what they can do, they created innovative samples and prototypes, pulling inspiration from fashion textiles like lurex, vinyl, cotton and wool.