ine5 Decorative Light by ZOON


An other beautiful lamp design coming from the house of ZOON product & interior design, the ine5 light by Croatian designer Zoran Sunjic is a decorative lighting object that brings a sort of customization to the appeal of the lamp.


Users can apply graphics and different motives, signs or even commercials on its surface through laser carving, acid carving or just by applying sliced or printed foils. The panel can be made from any acrylic transparent board by hot wire or hot tube bending, so the surface can be bent irregularly.


The light source is linear, which can be a fluorescent compact T16, a thin cathode light or an LED source. The inverter is placed in ceiling. The ine5 light also has a table lamp and floor lamp, although they are not bright enough to be used as reading light.



Thanks to thedesignblog for the tip !!