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Ill Studio For Magazine Magazine

MGZ _entier_lowa copy

Multi-disciplinary Parisian firm Ill Studio photographs a still life series for Magazine Magazine, a French publication that critiques magazine culture, especially ‘style, media and the creative industry.’ In issue No. 4 Vol. 2 (June – August 2011), Magazine’s editors commissioned stylist Olivia Bidou to compose seemingly disparate items like oranges, ice cream cones, wigs, pocket books, a telefax-esque Bang and Olufsen phone and a Cy Twombly print scarf.


Apart from the expert balance of color and the electric tape that traverses the white walls, another common thread is that the pieces in each tableau add up to 243€ — the title of the editorial spread. Perhaps it’s a jab at the ubiquitous accessory spreads in fashion and interiors magazines. Instead of a random assemblage of high-priced objects, this one fits neatly into a budget.

MGZ _entier_low

MGZ _entier_lowc

MGZ _entier_lowc copy

Via Ill Studio