If Chairs Could Talk : Nigerian Heritage and Contemporary Design

Yinka Illori is a London-based designer who specializes up-cycling vintage furniture. Inspired by the traditional Nigerian parables and African fabrics that surrounded him as child, Ilorri creates humorous, provocative and fun pieces of furniture. His latest solo installation called ‘If Chairs Could Talk’ merge parts of his Nigerian heritage with contemporary design, as the collection of colorful chairs each has stories to tell. The colors, shapes, and designs are unique to his craft, The collection of chairs will be presented during this year’s London Design Festival and will be on display until November 27th, 2015.

Written by Jade Moyano
Yinka-Ilori-Yinka Illori-chairs-upcycled-chairs-Nigerian-Heritage-Design-6Yinka-Ilori-Yinka Illori-chairs-upcycled-chairs-Nigerian-Heritage-Design-4Yinka-Ilori-Yinka Illori-chairs-upcycled-chairs-Nigerian-Heritage-Design-01Yinka-Ilori-Yinka Illori-chairs-upcycled-chairs-Nigerian-Heritage-Design-3Yinka-Ilori-Yinka Illori-chairs-upcycled-chairs-Nigerian-Heritage-Design-2Yinka-Ilori-Yinka Illori-chairs-upcycled-chairs-Nigerian-Heritage-Design-7Yinka-Ilori-Yinka Illori-chairs-upcycled-chairs-Nigerian-Heritage-Design-5


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