Ibeyi : The French-Cuban Twin Sister Duo

      1. Ibeyi - River - Ibeyi


      2. Ibeyi - Oya - Ibeyi


Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz, the daughters of the late Cuban percussion legend Anga Diaz and stunning twin sister french-cuban duo, Ibeyi,  make beautiful music that goes beyond just catchy vocals and whet production. Recently singing with XL Recordings, they bring a piece of the amazingly rich culture and humility of Cuban culture to their sound that will surely penetrate

Ibeyi released their debut EP entitled Oya, via XL and have an album on the way which label’s founder Richard Russel has had a steady hand in producing. Their sound mixes the traditional threads of their heritage with modern influence and their first two songs, “Oya” and “River,” which was released today, put their unique spirit and soulful roots in impeccable perspective amongst the modern stretch of music.