Ian Lanterman’s Conceptual Still Life Photography

As a Vancouver based photography Ian Lanterman carries a body of work comprised of conceptual fashion and still life. His work blends a contemporary sensibility with an eye for the mundane by picking up the slight nuances in everyday life. Ian places a strong emphasis on color and symmetrical composition while incorporating off-key moments and blurs the line between outtakes and posed images.

Ian-Lanterman-Conceptual Still-life-photography-

Ian-Lanterman-Conceptual Still-life-photography-2

Ian-Lanterman-Conceptual Still-life-photography-5

Ian-Lanterman-Conceptual Still-life-photography-6

Ian-Lanterman-Conceptual Still-life-photography-8

Ian-Lanterman-Conceptual Still-life-photography-12

Ian-Lanterman-Conceptual Still-life-photography-11

Ian-Lanterman-Conceptual Still-life-photography-10

Ian-Lanterman-Conceptual Still-life-photography-7

Ian-Lanterman-Conceptual Still-life-photography-4

Ian-Lanterman-Conceptual Still-life-photography-14

Ian-Lanterman-Conceptual Still-life-photography-3


To see more work visit :  www.ianlanterman.com

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