I Don’t Like Mondays: Wood Carving by Ben Turnbull


Just when you think you have seen everything, it gets better. London-based artist Ben Turnbull, creates guns into old wooden school desks. “I Don’t Like Mondays” is the name of this collection (currently being exhibited at Eleven Fine Art in London).


At first the juxtaposition seemed simple and sort of obvious, violence onto innocence, but what i like most about the collection is the sculptural quality of the carvings.






From The Gallery :

Ben Turnbull is fascinated by the global dominance of American culture, and his works unsettling effects result from re-presenting the toys of our innocent youth in symbolic forms that reveal the shocking truths about war, death and guns in the world’s most powerful country. Above all they take a satirical look at the lengths that the country’s political elites go to in order to control and manipulate the way we think, from our first days of play to the last time we cast our vote. Turnbull is a passionate critic of the contemporary American political system, and explains why toys are central to his work: ‘Force fed on violence, abused by a controlling superpower and blackmailed through patriotism, the public are ultimately as disposable as the toys they once played with’.

Ben Turnbull was born in 1974. He lives and works in London.

Thanks to Wallpaper* for the Tip !