How To Dress Well : What Is The Heart?



If you have not yet feasted your sonic appetites on the genre defying sounds of How To Dress Well you are undoubtedly in for a heartfelt treat. Chicago based Tom Krell, is the talented soul behind this project which has recently received the attention and praise that it demandingly deserves. Shackling  R&B music under his effortless control and showing us a vulnerability and wholesomeness that is revealing of how deep the emotional rivers of a man can run, Krell brings to us his album “What Is The Heart?” via Domino Records. As complete as an album can come it is filled with the emotive and subtle gestures of the heart in all of it’s complexity.


Be sure to check out the accompanying videos for “Repeat Pleasure”, “Face Again”,  “Childhood Faith In Love” which form powerful trilogy filled with thought provoking visuals to further your emotional education.