How to Celebrate Engagement Without a Party

How to Celebrate Engagement Without a Party


You’re not the only one wondering how to celebrate engagement party these days. With the world in the state that it’s in, traditional celebrations and steps to planning a wedding are out the window. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on celebrating entirely. You deserve to honor your big day, and this is how ?

Virtual Engagement Party

With so many people working from home, virtual events have become familiar and comfortable. These types of celebrations during covid require a lot of planning and communication.    Virtual events are more successful when you make them interactive. Plan a few online games, open your bridal subscription box for the first time, or do some karaoke to keep things spicy. When you plan engagement party for remote guests, you’ll have to let them know exactly what to expect. Provide them with an itinerary, recipes for the menu, examples of the wardrobe and decor for your theme, and instructions for the video app you are using.   If you follow your itinerary, things will go well.

How to Celebrate Engagement Without a Party

Scale It Down

The first of our celebration ideas during covid is to keep things as normal as possible. Most areas allow for small indoor gatherings and larger outdoor gatherings. Keep your guest list tight and proceed as usual, with a few alterations. The best place to have an engagement party is outdoors. It offers the safest environment and allows for more people. Double check that any vendors involved thoroughly follow health and safety guidelines, set your tables with adequate social distancing, and provide your guests with plenty of hand sanitizer.  Aside from these mild inconveniences you have a green light to have a blast!

Focus on Photos

One of the more important things about weddings is the photo album. This is what you’ll turn to when you want to trigger the memories in the years to come.  A single photographer and their equipment is an easy way to socially distance and still enjoy your engagement. Plan the photo shoot of your dreams complete with couples hugging images and champagne toast images. Since you’ll be saving the entirety of your wedding budget, you’ll be able to splurge on this event with full blown outfit changes, a lavish location, and elaborate props. ?

Drive By Engagement Party

Humans are incredibly resilient. People have been successfully able to adapt their business model to accommodate gathering restrictions, and this includes the wedding industry.  Drive by celebrations have become fairly popular and come with a list of benefits. You won’t have to concern yourself with a specific guest list. You won’t have to toil over an event itinerary. You won’t have to worry about other people’s taste. Best of all you won’t have to worry about where to have an engagement party. It’s from the comfort of your own home! Sit back, lounge in your lawn, and indulge at your own pace as a parade of decorated cars comes to you.

Curate Your Party

Many couples value their friends and family above having a good time. It’s your wedding, so it’s perfectly acceptable to be selfish with engagement party menus, music, decor, and everything else that goes into the event. However, if you are the type to get pleasure from giving this option is great for you.  Curate a gift box filled with on-theme items, your wedding meal, photos from your photo shoot, and a wedding milestone wine gift. The goal here is to give your friends and family the encounter they would have received if they were attending your engagement party under normal circumstances. This way, they can celebrate your wedding at their own pace but still take in the entire experience.