Hourglass: Unwinding at Daniel Arsham’s Blue Zen Garden [Atlanta]

We’ve been supporting the talented Daniel Arsham, co founder of Snarkitecture, and his several powerful projects. We remember his daring cavernous installation, overstuffed with amethyst-cast sport equipment, previously featured at New York’s Galerie Perrotin, which comes back among the three others installations of his current exhibition ‘Hourglass’ at High museum of Art in Atlanta. The exhibition involves architecture and sculpture, audio and performance interventions. To correct his colorblindness, Daniel used special glasses that allow him to see broader spectrum and enjoy a new visual capability.

« Life is definitely more nuanced, but I’m not sure it’s more interesting, I feel like I’m inside a game, an overly saturated world. But now I’ve arrived at a point where I’m using color as another tool in my work. this is a unique project for me in that there is a ton of color »

The experience begins in a monochromatic blue zen garden. Inside the well-matched Japanese tea house, the visitor is immersed in a private room enlightened by strong white neons, almost surgical. He’s escorted by a man voice describing the different protagonists of the abandoned sand garden, led to petrified elements, scattered all around the space, which seem still belonging to the past.

Downstairs, a room dedicated to giant hourglasses displays fragments of ‘fictional archaeology’ work, buried in sand. A performer comes once a week to turn around the hourglasses and rake the garden to give it back the straight lines pattern. With a perfect balance between present and past, the trio of installations offers striking freeze frames and upsets sense of time.

Courtesy of Galerie Perrotin.
Photographer: Guillaume Ziccarelli

High Museum of Art, Atlanta
Until May 21, 2017
Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm