Hotel Les Roches Rouges: The Essence of Understated Luxury [France]

To stay here is to take your time, to enjoy the company of the people you love, to take time out for yourself, to party, to discover new things, or to do as much or as little as you please. In short, to enjoy a holiday.

On a Mediterranean beach, there is a place of essence – a convivial hub to those seeking the bliss of informality and open blued-seas views. In a preserved natural environment opposite the Ile d’Or, the Hôtel Les Roches Rouges is a Fifties Modernist designed building that emerges in between the pine trees and the sea.

To step into Les Roches Rouges is to step out of the world and to be delighted in the essence of Provence, its flavors and fragrances. The guests can enjoy long days in the sunshine, savoring the passing hours with ease, and tasting the simple yet sophisticated joys of a holiday on the coast. The outdoor lifestyle is the norm here; in a barefoot paradise. I have always been fascinating by how travel and hosting can enhance the connection we have with others and ourselves – great hosting is an art and more hoteliers are tuning in to the fact that original, understated and simple stays are the ‘go to goal’ for a growing clientele eager for local life wherever they go.

Les Roches Rouges is the essence of understated luxury, simplicity, conviviality, where the immensity of the sea, mild climate and an exquisite natural environment combine to create a truly authentic experience. The two swimming pools, specially a large natural seawater pool, invite for a soulful dip – enhancing the benefits and properties of the abundant water – we are made of water & salt after all and connection is immediate to the environment here.

A Mediterranean garden, fragrant and warm, sets the tone to an array of activities around the hotel, including an open-air cinema and the very French petanque. Having the seaside setting as the main stage one might also go sailing and fishing into the azure sea.

“The architect creates space, and we give it meaning.”

Antoine Ricardou

Guests can enjoy the beutiful setting of Saint-Raphaël from the hotel’s light-filled, streamlined rooms whose colors are inspired by the blue of the sea and the red rocks of the Esterel, with touches of orange, ochre, lemon yellow and deep blue. With their modern aesthetic, understated luxury and plain furniture, each room reflects the Riviera way of life, including baths, beds, desks and a balcony from which guests can admire the sea. Everything at Les Roches Rouges heightens the intimacy with the elements, fully satisfying your desire for rest, freedom and simplicity.


Hotel Les Roches Rouges