Hot Chip: Flutes

Listen to “Flutes” here

      1. Hot Chip Flutes


Hot Chip‘s last album release, One Life Stand felt more like a one night stand. We loved them and we never heard from them again. It has been two slightly painful years without the indietronica touch of Hot Chip’s deft rhythms, but Joe Goddard, Alexis Taylor and the rest of the British fivesome are back.

“Flutes” acts as a trust-worthy introduction to the forthcoming EP, In Our Heads. Despite its far-off June release, it is beginning to roll off the tongues of disc jockeys everywhere. Head-bobbing beats: check. Hip hop-inspired sampling: check. Tropical dance party: check. The whopping 8 minute-track makes for a sturdy return disarming any bitterness for their disappearance. In an effort to remain somewhat subjective, we won’t call it a piece of digital genius. Although, we want to.

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