Hortlax Cobra: Stinging Nettles


      1. Stinging Nettles

Likely for its brevity, or perhaps because it is merely obsolete, or, for the magic in the snap and pulse of Swedish collage-pop that “Stinging Nettles” is on track repeat. Despite his latest buzz track “Berlin”, John Eriksson, aka Hortlax Cobra reeled us back to his early days with “Stinging Nettles,” a weighted compilation of mastered drum beats and sophisticated key claps for a rare quickie in the dancehall. Unleashed and unreal, Hortlax Cobra is back in the house with some raw goods.

      2. Berlin

From his EP back in 2011, Stop And Smell The Hortlax Cobra, the northern one-act ( in collaboration with Peter Bjorn and Pontus Berghe) managed to carve out an esoteric presence among unearthed music scenes. This June, Hortlax Cobra will surface with new chops in a sleek transition from haunted synths to high brow electro-pop with his debut LP, Night Shift (Ingrid Records). The upcoming release staggers between Berlin and Miami with their PR message as “saga circling around nightly decisions, pointless phone calls and hazy thoughts during the hour of the wolf.” and “If Giorgio Moroder would have composed music for Ingmar Bergman this is what it might have sounded like.”


A whisper of kraftwerk and a nod to dance, the new material reaches a matrimony between classical contemporary and refined technology. While still jamming to their previous work (enjoy that play as you won’t find it elsewhere!), it is recommended listening for music insomniacs to rest up for this digerati collage of Night Shift.

      3. Miami Elevator