Honestby: Bruno Pieters making a huge difference

Bruno Pieters is a Belgian fashion designer based in Antwerp with a very long fashion resume.  In 2001 he started a couture collection, then in 2002 he  launched another  ready-to-wear collection. 2006 he won the Swiss Textile Award and in 2007 the Yves Saint Laurent Award and the Foundation Pierre Bergé award. Later that year he also launched his first men’s line. Before starting his own brand he worked for Martin Margiela, Josephus Thimister and Christian Lacroix in Paris. Hugo Boss came calling, he helmed that company for a couple of years.  All the while, with this exposure in the business he started noticing  the immense waste and huge carbon footprint that brands incur and asked himself if it was possible to create a brand that is 100% transparent.  

Absolutely was his answer, and Honest by was born, offering an alternative to the traditional two-season fashion model. Summer and winter garments are offered all year around to recognize the increased frequency of international travel and the need to adapt to different climates and temperatures. New items arrive throughout the year and sell out when they sell out. One of the very exciting parts of this business model is that Honest by continuously offers new collections from established and upcoming designers, wiring in collaboration with them, realizing the power in unity and numbers.  This idea is a new and brilliant, and on course considering this new age we are being ushered into.  

People are realizing that working together non dualistically  is much more powerful than traditional cut throat competition, not to mention it is much softer on the soul, we actually feel good when we get along and support like minded ideas. Honestby also conducts extensive research into the sources of the raw materials,  tracing back the origins of fabrics and trimmings used in the products to be certain that every element in each garment is as environmentally friendly as possible, as well as the facilities they are made in, all workers must have appropriate pay and clean, safe conditions.

“Honest by chooses not to distribute leather goods, or clothes that are made or trimmed with fur, shell or horn. The only animal products our selections do contain are wool and silk. The wool used in the garments we propose is either certified organic, recycled or sourced from selected farms in countries like the UK, where laws ”

I’m so impressed with Mr Pieters vision and determination and of course his style and aesthetic,  and hope that other companies can get on board this train of the future. This is an exemplary brand whose heart is in the right place, with the design chops, and quality and elegance to make a huge difference. This is clothing for real people that want to be chic and utilitarian, easy, classic, modern pieces. This is the time for Pieters to shine and take the helm as captain, corporate fashion business’ may just be on the verge of steering directly into a kinder, gentler and more compassionate way of doing business thanks to a great idea and the guts and brains to make it happen.

More information at www.honestby.com

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