Highland By Lizzie Owens Fall 2011

Written by Guest Blogger Katherine Roettger

From costume design to designing streetwear may not seem like a huge leap, but when that costume designer is Lizzie Owens, known for outfitting bands like The Killers and MGMT in everything from feathers to neon colors, you may start to wonder how her work will translate into something you’re suppose to walk down the street in. However, Owens pulls it off with her menswear line Highland, started in 2009 in her hometown

of Salt Lake City, Utah (the brand has since relocated to New York). Her most recent collection for Fall 2011 includes such wearable pieces as oversized parkas, purple button downs, and plaid pants.

Where Owen’s often whimsical and dramatic costuming past really shines through is in Highland’s mixed textures, exaggerated proportions (particularly the shoulders), and often singular pops of bright color. The styling for the lookbook, however, is casual to the extreme with layers piled on top of layers and pants carelessly cuffed, proving there is nothing Lizzie Owens does half-assed.