Hexalights by Marcus Tremonto

These awesome ‘Hexalights’ are a series of 2D cartoon pendant lamps by New York based Marcus Tremonto. Continuing to explore the manipulation of two and three-dimensional imagery, Tremonto has created a series of lights using electroluminescent paper and graphics, two dimensional drawings of “cubes” that suggest three dimensional objects. These lights are the newest iteration in a series of illustration-based works created for Moss that draw inspiration from French Pop comics of the 1960s, which so well delineate what is necessary to translate an image: the suggestion of a solid, three-dimensional form through a simple line gesture.

These lights employ Electroluminescent paper, which consists of an organic material that emit photos (light) when excited by an electric current, sandwiched between two thin layers of plastic.

This method of producing light is distinct from standard incandescent lights in that there is no emission of heat. Electroluminescence was first developed in 1960 for use in automotive instrument panel backlighting.

Available to buy for $570 at www.mossonline.com – www.hexalights.com